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I've spent a decade coaching men and women to become their strongest selves—physically and mentally—and I know in my gut that EVERYONE can become strong.

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Get the exact program my Advanced Strength Training group is using to take their old 1 rep-maxes and rep them out like BOSSES. This program is my twist on the iconic conjugate system, incorporating smarter, RPE-based dynamic effort work, and just the right doses of variety and specificity. This program will prepare you to take new 1RM attempts in the powerlifts—in competition, or in a mock meet at your gym. GET IT HERE.

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Get free access to my top 20 total-body kettlebell workouts, plus video demonstrations for every single lift.

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Building MUSCLE—the healthy way

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I work online with clients from all over the country, and with SELECT individuals in-person in Philadelphia. If you want me to coach you, click the button below and introduce yourself.


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